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Meet Suzy!

Our dedication to women and making them feel beautiful is the reason we are deeply committed to fitness. Suzy Mari, Owner/CEO and Executive Director of SuzyMari Health & Fitness understands, first-hand how hard it can be to find a safe space for women regardless of race or religion, to find time to work out and do so in a place where there is no judgement. 

"Being the mother of two and a survivor of gestational diabetes, I have a dedication to fitness, health and women empowerment. During my career as a fitness model, boutique manager and hair stylist I realized that feeling beautiful is about how you feel on the inside as well on the outside and in order to help build the community, you must first take care of its women. Mothers, Daughters, Sisters and Wives are the glue that keep households together and simultaneously make their community stronger. My deep commitment to community building has allowed me to educate women from a wide range of backgrounds to focus on health and most importantly; soul building. My various dedications to community involves:

  • Parkdale Queen West Community Health Centre

  • The Boys & Girls Club of Canada
  • The City of Toronto
  • Toronto Public Health
  • Micro Skills
  • Rexdale Community Health Center
  • Rexdale Woman’s Center
  • Rexdale Diabetes Prevention Pilot Project (2010-2011)

From living with the pressures of being a woman of color, I have created SuzyMari Health & Fitness Studio focusing on the fitness needs of women, from marginalized communities and created classes that focused on all aspects of being a woman."


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  • Active Aging Certificate