SuzyMari Health & Fitness Studio

Let's get fit, have fun and look fabulous!!!

SuzyMari Fitness is recognized  for creating personalized and specific fitness programs for all ages, shapes and sizes, and as well as those with special needs both physical and mental. 
SuzyMari thrives on promoting healthy lifestyles and  healthy eating habits for all, including young children all the way up to  adulthood.

DanceFit Classes
"Lets Get Fit, Have Fun and Look Fabulous!"  is the attitude you will need to join our "Feel the Rhythm" class.   Our classes are simply fun and enjoyable.  All you need is an open mind and the willingness to move!  These classes are perfect for all age groups and fitness levels, as they are self-paced.  Our instructors will help you learn the techniques for each move, but the speed and intensity is up to you so bring water, your energy and your dancing shoes and "Lets Get Fit, Have Fun and Look FABULOUS!"

Personal Training

Our unique Personal Training program integrates fitness, nutrition, and a Weight Management Program for all ages and fitness levels.   What sets us apart from any  other "Personal Training"  Program, is the time and care we put into the training sessions.  We motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle where we encourage you to be responsible for your commitment as well as your dedication. Whether your priority is weight loss, toning or overall health, your program will be customized to fit the most important variable; you!

Nutritional Program

At SuzyMari Health & Fitness Studio, we encourage a healthy lifestyle with nutritional programs geared to your personal goals. In addition to balancing your fitness routine, a solid nutritional program is crucial for reducing your weight, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Corporate Wellness

On the job, stress can be triggered by company growth, large projects, personality conflicts, and daily competitiveness within an organization.  Physical setbacks such as fatigue, the common cold and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can further effect the work environment. Join the growing number of companies who offer wellness programs and experience the positive impact first hand! SuzyMari Health & Fitness Studio Corporate Wellness Program makes it easy to implement a plan both you and your staff can benefit from

Youth Programs 

Many after school and other structured youth programs lack the stimulation and creativity children need to stay engaged.  In turn, health and obesity challenges start to arise because of the lack of motivation and dedication.  The challenge intensifies if the child feels intimidated by complex routines or bored by repetitive exercise. SuzyMari's  Youth Program draws in children of all sizes, ages and cultures.  From  music of all cultures, to the free movement and lively atmosphere, our Youth Program not only focuses on healthy living but also encourages self-regulation.  Our focal point is to engage youth and to lead them through fun, varied, yet age-appropriate fitness programs to help establish healthy living for the long term.  

Senior Programs
Working with seniors in our community, conveniently at both our studio as well as their retirement centers.
This program will help mobility, flexibility, motor skills, memory as well as endurance. Our seniors will learn a variety of different range of motion exercises, muscle strengthening  and improved balance.